We all know what is anger because it is the part of our daily life . Now days it is so common and usual that sometimes even we are not aware that we are angry. In scientific terms we can say a stage where human vibrates at high frequency & radiates harmful radiations or negative energy. This negative energy leads to destruction. Now this is the time when we need to think  who is facing this destruction ?  It’s the person who is angry.

While collecting anger in our body, we torture & exploit our body and destroy our positive energy. Now you will say “No  negative and positive energies are always at different places, how we can combine both of it". Let's understand this by a simple example, think of a plate where we can keep black and white color with a partition between them. If we will continuously increase  the quantity of black color, after some time it acquires the place where you had kept the white color and will convert white into black. Similarly our brain & body act like that plate, where white and black is like positive and negative energy respectively. 

When we take out this harmful and negative energy, we are not able to take it out completely & it harms us continuously.